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Dress Code Policy

Dress Code Policy 2016-17

Broad Avenue Elementary

Dress Code


The Board of Education Rule 2251 states the following regarding student appearance. “Pupils shall be required to show proper attention to personal cleanliness, health, neatness, safety, and suitability of clothing and appearance for school activities.” In every case the dress and grooming of the pupil shall be clean and shall not:


  1. Cause actual distraction from or disturbance in any school activity or actually interfere with the participation of a pupil in school activity.
  2. Create a hazard to the safety for him/her or to others.
  3. Create a health hazard.


Based on the above Board Rule, input from staff, students, parents, and the Coordinated Health Wellness & Safety Committee, the following Dress Code has been established for Broad Avenue Elementary School:


  1. Students must be clean and clothing must be neat. Ragged, soiled, excessively tight or ill-fitting attire is unacceptable for school wear.  Make-up, acrylic nails, tattoos, or extreme hairstyles that are distracting to the instructional program are not allowed.
  2. Pants must be worn at the waistline. Belts must be fitted properly. Pants must be hemmed and may not drag at hemline.  Overalls must have straps up and attached to the bib.
  3. Shoes and socks are required to protect the feet, to be tied or secured and to be safe for PE and physical activity on the playground.  Shoes need to have enclosed toes and heels.  Shoes with heels, sandals and thongs, including jellies and soft cloth shoes are considered unsafe for school wear and therefore, not allowed to be worn.
  4. No article of clothing or accessory may be worn which indicates membership in a gang or inspired by a gang.  This includes, but is not limited to bandanas, street gang names on jewelry, or clothing.
  5. Excessive jewelry is not appropriate school wear. Earrings must be studs only.  Necklaces and hoop or dangling earrings are considered unsafe and not allowed.
  6. Hats may be worn for sun protection outdoors. No hats or hoods may be worn indoors.
  7. No article of clothing may be worn which displays, depicts, or advertises any controlled substance, including alcohol, drugs or tobacco products.  Clothing may not depict vulgar language or pictures.
  8. Shirts and blouses must cover the mid-section of the body.  Sleeveless undershirts, spaghetti straps, see through shirts, fishnet fabrics or those with over-sided arm holes, and off the shoulder or bare back tops are not acceptable.
  9. Shorts, skirts and stretch pants may not be shorter than mid-thigh. Stretch pants and leggings must not be see through. Undergarments should not be visible through clothing.
  10. Articles or styles of clothing not specifically discussed above may be deemed inappropriate if it is determined that they are disruptive to the educational process or represent a safety hazard. Parents should carefully review any article of clothing before allowing students to wear them to school. At the discretion of the school, students may be asked to change their clothing or turn shirts inside out, or Parents/Guardians will be asked to bring appropriate clothing.