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Mission & Vision Statement



To become a community of leaders who collaborate in a productive and professional manner. To have clearly defined standards, which challenge and motivate students to become capable life-long learners. To engage all members in the journey towards achievement of educational excellence.



That all students will read at grade level by Third Grade. That all students will be able to use the emerging technology in order to compete in the twenty-first century. That all students will become responsible, critical thinkers who can contribute to a democratic society.

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About Broad Avenue


Welcome To Broad Avenue

Welcome to Broad Avenue's website. Broad Avenue is located in Wilmington, California. We like to call ourselves the "Heart of the Harbor" because Wilmington is part of the Los Angeles Harbor. We are a very student-driven learning community who believes that all students can learn and that all students have equal access to educational standards as set by the State of California.


We also believe that it takes everyone to make this happen. We are a School-Wide Title I school with after-school programs such as L.A's Best and Youth Services, and before school supervision as well. We offer Resource Services under Special Education along with several special day classes, State Preschool to 5th grade as well.




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